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    Did a US Drone Kill Jihadi John?

    The United States Pentagon confirmed that Mohammed Emwazi, aka Jihadi John, was targeted by a US drone stike

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    1 Bag Diverts 9 Flights, Delays 73

    Masses of passengers at Miami International Airport endured all-out chaos over nothing Monday night, when a suspicious bag all but shut down the airport

  • photo: Avi Ochaion / GPO

    “Two States for Two Peoples”

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama exchanged platitudes in their first face-to-face meeting in over a year on Monday

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    Hatzola Voulunteer Stabbed in Crown Heights

    Not only in Israel: An off-duty volunteer for Crown Heights Hatzolah was stabbed in the back on Tuesday night

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    Spitzer Released from Prison, Skver Celebrates

    A Rockland County judge ruled today, that Shauli Spitzer, the Skverer fire-bomber, gets youthful offender status

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    Arson Victim Rottenberg: No Mercy for Spitzer

    After 3 1/2 years in jail, Spitzer is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday to be resentenced

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    Buster the ‘Roo Causes Stir in Staten Island

    Upon arrival, the police found Buster bouncing up and down in a neighbor’s yard

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    Tough Luck: Illinois Lottery Winners Settle for a Promise

    Danny Chasteen of Oglesby, is waiting on a $250,000 payout. If you buy a Lottery ticket and you win, you should get paid

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    Tragedy: Devoted Father Sacrifices Self to Save Daughter

    A Tennessee community has been left to grieve after a 31-year-old man sacrificed his own life to save his daughter from an oncoming train.

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    Firebomb Hurled at Lubavitchers, No Injuries

    Has the wave of Arab terror in Israel been exported to Manhattan? Lubavitcher bochurim were attacked by a Molotov cocktail on 37 Street.


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    FBI Arrests Terrorist Planning to Attack Synagogue

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    Kiryas Yoel: Only Freshly Prepared Chometz to be Sold

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    Obama to Saudi Arabia; White House Passover “Seder” Pushed Off

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    Borough Park Bank Robbed Over Shabbos

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    Ted Cruz Woos Jews at Model Matzah Bakery

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    Wild Turkeys Terrorize New Jersey Jewish Family

  • Julie Hansen/ Shutterstock

    Bernie Sanders: Israel Killed 10,000 Civilians in Tzuk Eitan

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    South Florida Sephardic Shul Vandalized

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    Leiby Brikman’s Attacker Confessed to Stabbing

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    U.S. Citizens: Maintain Heightened Personal Security Awareness

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