• ABC.News

    S. Bernardino Puzzle Pieces Starting to Come Together

    Pieces of the horrific and troubling S. Bernardino massacre puzzle began to emerge on Thursday.

  • ABC News Screen Shot

    S. Bernardino Couple left Baby with Grandma & Went on Rampage

    Slowly details are emerging about the perpetrators of yesterday’s carnage

  • Fox News Screen Shot

    S. Bernardino: 12 People Killed in Active Shooter Situation

    As many as a dozen people have reportedly been killed in an active shooter situation Wednesday

  • Youtube Screen Shot

    Who Initiated WIC and Food Stamps Programs?

    But the president only alluded to the deeply Jewish story of how posthumous honoree Shirley Chisholm helped introduce food stamps

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    Kiryas Yoel Diamond Merchant Beaten and Robbed in Miami

    Parnas said he’s still grateful that he’s alive. “Money comes back. Life doesn’t come back.”

  • Shutterstock.com

    Joachim Chaim Gans, First Jew in North America

    What part did the Jews play in the earliest days of North America?

  • Task Force for the Release of Pollard

    Is Jonathan Pollard a Free Man?

    Jonathan Pollard was released from prison after serving 30 years behind bars.

  • Photo by the white house

    Obama Promises a Fight Against ISIS

    President Barack Obama said Sunday that “USA will not relent in the fight against the Islamic State – ISIS

  • Task Force for the Release of Pollard

    Mazel Tov! Jonathan Pollard Free at Last

    After 10,956 days of incarceration, Jonathan Pollard is free!

  • (Photo by Shutterstock)

    Bomb Threat at Harvard U, Campus Evacuated

    At least four buildings at the storied Cambridge, Massachusetts campus have been shut down due to a bomb threat


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  • WSVN Screen Shot

    FBI Arrests Terrorist Planning to Attack Synagogue

  • A Blik Archive Photo

    Kiryas Yoel: Only Freshly Prepared Chometz to be Sold

  • Pete Souza/Official White House Photo

    Obama to Saudi Arabia; White House Passover “Seder” Pushed Off

  • Google Maps

    Borough Park Bank Robbed Over Shabbos

  • YouTube Screen Shot

    Ted Cruz Woos Jews at Model Matzah Bakery

  • Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com

    Wild Turkeys Terrorize New Jersey Jewish Family

  • Julie Hansen/ Shutterstock

    Bernie Sanders: Israel Killed 10,000 Civilians in Tzuk Eitan

  • Screen Shot

    South Florida Sephardic Shul Vandalized

  • Archive Photo

    Leiby Brikman’s Attacker Confessed to Stabbing

  • Shutterstock.com

    U.S. Citizens: Maintain Heightened Personal Security Awareness

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