• KikarNews Archive Photo

    Freddie, Freedom Cow from Jamaica, Saved from Slaughterhouse

    As of Friday morning, “Freddie” the cow was on his way to a New Jersey animal sanctuary

  • Screen Shot

    Queens: Runaway Cow Escapes Halal Slaughterhouse

    The animal led police on a wild cow chase

  • Screen Shot /Weather. com

    US East Coast: Winter Storm Jonas Kicking Off Thursday

    Blizzard Alert for the East Coast with heavy snow expected

  • Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com

    FBI Thwarted ISIS New Year’s Eve Attack

    The FBI arrested a 25-year-old Rochester man who allegedly plotted to launch a machete attack on New Year’s Eve

  • wreg.com Screen Shot

    Unprecedented: Los Angeles Schools Closed Due to Credible Threat

    All schools in the vast Los Angeles Unified School District have been ordered closed

  • Fox News/ Youtube/ Screen Shot

    Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton

    Donald Trump levels serious charges against Hillary Clinton

  • Screen Shot

    Judge Forrest: Pollard’s Case Back to Commission

    Lawyers for Pollard have called the electronic bracelet’s use unjustified

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    Swastikas Carved on Doors at Rowan University

    Several swastikas and other anti-Semitic markings were recently discovered carved into the doors of a residence hall at Rowan University

  • Youtube Screen Shot

    President Obama’s Annual Chanukah Message

    Tonight, Jews in America, Israel, and around the world come together to light the first candle of the Festival of Lights

  • Channel ABC Screenshot

    “Entirely Possible that Attackers were Radicalized”

    President Obama said that it’s “entirely possible that these two attackers were radicalized to commit this act of terror”


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  • WSVN Screen Shot

    FBI Arrests Terrorist Planning to Attack Synagogue

  • A Blik Archive Photo

    Kiryas Yoel: Only Freshly Prepared Chometz to be Sold

  • Pete Souza/Official White House Photo

    Obama to Saudi Arabia; White House Passover “Seder” Pushed Off

  • Google Maps

    Borough Park Bank Robbed Over Shabbos

  • YouTube Screen Shot

    Ted Cruz Woos Jews at Model Matzah Bakery

  • Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com

    Wild Turkeys Terrorize New Jersey Jewish Family

  • Julie Hansen/ Shutterstock

    Bernie Sanders: Israel Killed 10,000 Civilians in Tzuk Eitan

  • Screen Shot

    South Florida Sephardic Shul Vandalized

  • Archive Photo

    Leiby Brikman’s Attacker Confessed to Stabbing

  • Shutterstock.com

    U.S. Citizens: Maintain Heightened Personal Security Awareness

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