• h362gk67

    Bobover Rebbe at Machane Kerem Shlomo: “Smartphone is Shmad Phone”

    The Rebbe tested the talmidim, and after Shacharis he conducted a ‘l’chaim tish’ in honor of Rosh Chodesh Elul. In his address he bashed the use of unfiltered technology

  • jet1q1rp

    Android Users Beware: Code Glitch Lets Hackers Take Control

    Cyber security firm Zimperium has warned of a flaw in the world’s most popular smartphone Android operating system that lets hackers take control with a text message. Android code dubbed “Stagefright” was at the heart of the problem, according to Zimperium. Stagefright automatically pre-loads video snippets attached to text messages to spare recipients from the annoyance of waiting to view clips. “Attackers only need your mobile number, using which they can remotely execute code.

  • bq2ijdsh

    The Plug-in that Enables You to Delete E-Mails That You’ve Already Sent

    Meet “Dmail”, an innovative new plug-in for Google Chrome that enables users to delete E-mails sent by Google’s E-mail service, G-Mail, after they have already been sent

  • bmzwar2o

    Little Guy Expert IPhone 6 User

    This little guy is not yet two years old, but he’s an expert at IPhone 6 usage. While speaking with his father, he accidentally disconnects the call. See what happens when his father calls back. Mom quickly documents the most adorable scene you have seen.

  • 02

    Video: DIY Aluminum Molds

    Ever wanted to make your own solid metal molds? This innovative tutorial shows you how. See how an aluminum shaped gun and sword are sword are made from scratch

  • shutterstock_160560011

    Can Smartphone Use Indicate Depression?

    Researchers from Chicago’s Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine conducted a small study, tracking 20 women and eight men, and their smartphone use. The study tracked the participants’ – average age 29 – number of minutes they used their phones, and their locations throughout the day, Medicinenet reports

  • 0oyq4w9g

    FBI Arrests 4 Linked to JP Morgan Chase Breach

    Law enforcement authorities arrested four people in Israel and Florida involved in a securities fraud connected with the JP Morgan Chase breach, one of the biggest bank hacks in history. A 5th suspect remains at large

  • shutterstock_270572426

    Nationwide “Cop Shops” Promote Safe Online Trade

    Trading goods is almost as hold as history itself. With the arrival of internet technology, it has become a popular way of buying and selling goods. However, there is a catch to this anonymous trade system, and it has proved to be fatal in some case. Goods offered for sale may be stolen, as well

  • shutterstock_176076848

    Amazon’s 20th Anniversary

    Over the past two decades Amazon has revolutionized the way people shop

  • hayz7r79__w470h272q85

    NYC: Will Google Maps Include Safety Feature?

    A left turn in a busy city like Manhattan can be dangerous, and even deadly. WNYC’s collected data shows that three bicyclists and 17 pedestrians lost their lives by vehicles making left hand turns


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