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    Brussels Officer Injured in Shooting, Gunmen Fled

    Live images webcast by Belgian public and commercial broadcasters at the scene showed the neighborhood was sealed off

  • Screen Shot: http://censor.net.ua

    Ukrainian Media Calls for Justice in Smuggling Case

    “Under no circumstances should criminals escape”

  • Chabad of CIS

    Two New Mikvaos Dedicated in Moscow

    These new mikvahs will serve the large and growing Jewish communities

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    200 Rabbis Bring Life to the Death Tracks

    Over 200 rabbis from across Europe are participating in the 15th annual conference

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    Paris Schools Evacuated after Bomb Threats

    Thousands of school pupils were evacuated from six Paris lycees.

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    15 Year Old Marseilles Terrorist Proud of his Attack

    “I don’t represent Daesh, they represent me.”

  • Screen Shot/ Chabad.org

    French Chief Rabbi Korsia: Continue Wearing Yarmulkes

    “We should not give an inch, we should continue wearing the kippa,” Rabbi Korsia said.

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    Jewish Leader Urges Jews to Avoid Wearing Kippas

    Zvi Amar, a community leader in Marseille urged Jews to refrain from wearing skullcaps

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    Horror: Jewish Politician Murdered in Créteil, France

    Alain Ghozlan, member of the Jewish community of Créteil, France was found dead

  • : Ivan Orekhov / Shutterstock.com

    Moscow: Israeli Army Reservist Mistaken for ISIS Terrorist

    An Israeli on a train in Russia was detained by police after his Hebrew book was mistaken for Arabic


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    Terror Attack on Israeli Embassy in Rome Thwarted

  • CCTV Screen Shot

    Flight to Israel was Target of Brussels Bombers

  • Illustration Photo: Shutterstock.com

    Anti-Semitic Belgian Hotline Operator Laid Off

  • JTA Screen Shot/ Cnaan Liphshiz

    Can Belgium Protect its Jewish Population?

  • Credit: Levi Nazarov

    Purim in Moscow: Megilla and A Sefer Torah

  • Screen Shot

    Terrorists Unmasked, Manhunt for Bomb Maker

  • Illustration Photo: Sliman Khader Flash 90

    Purim Events Cancelled, Motive not Anti-Semitic

  • CCTV Footage

    ISIS Claims Responsibility for Brussels Carnage

  • Screen Shot: Medabrim Tikshoret Group

    Explosions Rock Brussels, At Least 28 Dead

  • Gili Yaari / Flash 90

    London Police Gearing up for Ten Simultaneous Attacks

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