• Screen Shot: itv. com (Department of Paediatric Surgery, Bern University Hospital)

    Youngest Ever Co-Joined Twins Successfully Separated

    The twins could be the youngest babies ever to be successfully parted

  • Flash-90

    Former Pres. Peres Hospitalized, Conscious and Stable

    Medics detected a “light irregular heart rate.”

  • Medabrim Tikshoret Group

    Surreal: Dozens of Charedim Sifting through Trash

    Dozens of Jews were seen sifting through mountains of garbage

  • Youtube Screen Shot

    Yasutaro Koide, World’s Oldest Man, Dies at 112

    The world’s oldest man, a Japanese, died Tuesday at the age of 112

  • Youtube Screen Shot

    Changing the World One Nebach at a Time

    Lipa was heckled by a group of kids in Brooklyn mocking his colorful shirt and colored yarmulke

  • ChameleonsEye / Shutterstock.com

    NYC’s Most Popular Names: Esther in 2nd Place

    Having too many Chayas or Moshes are good problems to have

  • Illustration Photo: Shutterstock.com

    Planning to Win the Powerball? Read This First!

    Rabbi Mendy Kaminker of Chabad.org puts Powerball in perspective

  • Chris Parypa Photography / Shutterstock.com

    Once Again, Australian Qantas Airline is Tops for Safety

    In 2016 Australian carrier Qantas comes out on top of the 407 airlines the group monitors

  • Screen Shot/ CBS News

    Rare Identical Triplets Come Home

    Good things come in three’s. Just ask any mother of triplets.

  • Youtube Screen Shot

    Accomplishing the Impossible by Extreme Teamwork

    Every year, local communities on either side of the Apurimac River Canyon use traditional Inka engineering techniques to rebuild the Q’eswachaka Bridge

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