• Police Spokesman

    B”H Stabbing Attack Thwarted, Two Terrorists Dead

    The female terrorist was carrying a knife.

  • Credit: Nati Shohat /Flash 90

    Terror Cell Busted in East Yerushalayim

    The three suspects have no security background and do not belong to a terror organization

  • Photo: Yonatan Sindel/ Flash 90

    Thousands Receive Birkas Kohanim at Kosel

    Hundreds of Kohanim repeated the holy blessing after the Chazzen

  • Credit: Flash 90

    Attorney General Bans Disgraceful “Birkat Kohanot” Ceremony

    The Attorney General banned the Women of the Wall’s ceremony on legal grounds

  • Youtube Screen Shot

    Baladah Lachovesh (Battle Medic’s Ballad) Revisited

    The original ballad was put to music after the Six Day War

  • Ynet

    Shin Bet Arrests Nachliel Terror Gang

    The suspects admitted the acts attributed to them

  • Credit: Yonatan Sindel/ Flash 90

    Did the Number 12 Bus Bomb Explode Prematurely?

    Police are investigating whether he is the suicide bomber

  • Archive Photo/ Yonatan Sindel/ Flash 90

    Yosef Chaim Ben David Convicted of Kidnapping and Murder

    The court ruled that he was mentally stable and responsible for his actions

  • Rabbi Pinto to Participate in Brother’s Wedding

    According to the criterion of his sentence,the rabbi is ineligible for the release

  • Credit: David Buimovitch/ Flash 90

    Hamas Attack Tunnel Uncovered in Israel

    Hamas employs 800 tunnel diggers who enjoy high salaries


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